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What is airbrush makeup?

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

This is where beauty meets technology. Airbrush make-up is a spray on technique resulting in the most natural finish available. It provides full coverage without the heaviness and texture of traditional make-up. Most importantly, the foundation sits on top of your skin rather than in it. Airbrush make-up lasts up to 12 hours, with no touch ups required. It is smudge proof and waterproof. Great for covering tattoos, rosacea, and dark spots.

With my years of experience, I highly recommend the airbrush make-up over the traditional make-up application. It offers a more softened, diffused look that gives you the "bridal glow". To best prepare your skin for airbrush makeup, a full face wax should be performed 2 days prior. Any facial hair/ peach fuzz will not show through the airbrush foundation, thus offering a smooth finish.

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