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Beaded Sew-in (Hair Extensions)

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Many people ask me about beaded sew-in hair extensions in Los Angeles, Ca. It is the newest form of permanent extensions. As a hair stylist specializing in hair extensions, I work with several hair extension brands, and attachment types. Here is a look into my professional opinion on the beaded sew-in extensions.

Each type of hair extension serves a different purpose. Hair extensions are used to add length and/or fullness. There is no one size fits all for every head. This is why it is important to choose a hair stylist that specializes in hair extensions and can offer their professional opinion. When the extensions are installed properly and the client does at home care, there are less chances of damage and breakage. Hair extensions requires a lot of care and maintenance. Hair extensions are definitely the luxury service out of all salon services, therefore I do not recommend to go cheap on choosing a stylist. You want it done right the first time because the hair is non refundable once you open the package. Plus, you don't want to walk around looking like you have on a bad wig!


Track -tracking involves an individuals natural hair. It is the space on scalp where extensions will be placed.

Weft- long roll of hair that needs to be cut before sewing in

Beaded sew-in extensions:

Your natural hair is tightly beaded in small sections to be used as the base. The hair extensions are then be sewn into each silicone bead. This method is best for those who have medium to thick hair.

Pros -This method does not require tape, glue or heat (less messy). More control of volume, can stack wefts for more fullness (note: more stacks, more tension) Quicker install compared to singles. Last the longest, up to 6 months of wear. The weft can be moved up in between those 6 months. I recommend to come in and see me for a move up each month.

Cons -can be harsher on scalp and more painful. Not recommended for tender scalp. Can be bulky on fine to med hair (not recommended). Hair can easily matte and tangle due to bulk.

How do I book?

First step is to come in for an in-person consultation.

Next, a $50 deposit is required to reserve your appointment. This fund is used to order your hair. I will provide the hair through my vendor. Clients can not bring in their own hair. I have a trusted source for top remy, human hair. The hair can be reused once more if in good condition. Currently offering only beaded sew in on straight to wavy hair only.

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