Yanna Soreya Makeup.HEIC

What To Expect

If you already own hair extensions, bring them with you. Do not purchase new ones; I will provide further instructions on what hair extensions are required to achieve the look. Also, having multiple trials is a good way to confirm that you made the right decision. While you’re at it, make your trial into a date night! For out of town brides -a phone/ video meeting will be scheduled.  

On the wedding day:                ​

With this VIP package, you get the complete glam service:​

  • Make-up application –includes airbrush and mink lashes

  • Hair styling –any style (curls down, half up, updo, waves)

  • Body Makeup -for glowing chest, back and arms 

  • Stay to touch up –2 hours

  • On location service, from LA, the valley, & OC regions

  • Makeup bag with with deluxe sized cosmetics

I customize the hair and make-up look to suit you and your comfort level. If you do not know what you want, it is best to have a trial done. Don’t assume you can’t have an up-do because your hair is too fine/short, that your hair won’t take curls or that your eyes are too small for the smokey look you’ve always wanted to try. Let us explore all the possibilities!


During your consultation, we will discuss your vision for your wedding day. I will take in all of the considerations of your wedding elements (venue, theme, gown, head piece, veil, earrings, etc.) and I will design the perfect look.

Meet with me to pre-plan your wedding beauty needs such as, expert advice on your desired look, hair color and skin care.

2022 price is $2400

2023 price is $2500